Friday, March 21, 2008

Preview: Episode Eleven

What's it called?


Who's it credited to?

Chris Chibnall, writer ("Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", "Countrycide") and Mark Everest, director (TV's "Space Race" & "Nova")

What do we know?

Gwen teams up with PC Andy to investigate mysterious disappearances in Cardiff that may or may not be connected to Rift activity.

Major guest stars?

The great Tom Price is back as "PC Andy", and Ruth Jones stars as "Nikki".

Rest of the best

Robert Pugh ("Old Man"); Lorna Gayle ("Helen") and Oliver Ferriman ("Jonah").

Reviewing the reviews

No magazine or newspaper previews, sorry, but Russell T Davies insists that this is "the script of Chris Chibnall's career." Lucky us!

When's it on?

It's on tonight, BBC Two from 9pm, and is repeated next Tuesday from 7pm.

What about America?

"Adrift" is scheduled to air on the BBC America network Saturday 5th April, from 9pm. The BBC America schedule can be found here. The episode will also be available in glorious High Definition - on HD-Net - from April 21st.

Look to the future...

Two episodes left! Next up, in "Fragments", a near death experiences causes the team, sans Gwen to reflect on how they were recruited to Torchwood; and then, finally, in "Exit Wounds", Captain John Hart is back, and he's brought somebody with him! Weevils rain down on Cardiff, but it may already be too late to save the day...

Excitement level?

**** - A rare episode, in that I have no idea what to expect! This is Chris Chibnall, so expect some silly dialogue, and even sillier plot points! But, from all accounts, this is him at his very best - so who knows, this could be the Torchwood script that he very well redeems himself with?!

BBC Three Preview

BBC Three previews the next episode - "Fragments" - straight after this one. You can read a preview of that episode by clicking here.

Schedule Warning!

The next BBC Two episode airs next Friday (28th March) from 9pm.
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