Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hub Hubbub III

Copies of Torchwood: The Official Magazine issue number three are now on sale in WHSmith stores, Forbidden Planets and lots of other good newsagents too, across the UK! For a full rundown of what to expect clicky here to read how the editorial team are themselves advertising the contents of the issue.

Meanwhile here's my own cross section of the new issue:

1: The news section - There's an exciting Radio 4 Torchwood episode heading our way later this year - and it's penned by Joseph Lidster; GE Fabbri, the company behind Doctor Who's "Battle in Time" card game, will be launching Torchwood trading cards on April 16th (click here for more); News on April's "Rift" convention in Bayswater and a ratings update.

2: Episode Previews - Chris Chibnall is cast "Adrift", then collects together "Fragments" and finally - this season - he discusses the fatal "Exit Wounds".

3: Burn Gorman (Owen Harper) - the actor talks about the life (and death) of his character, and reflects on the past two years. He reveals that it was Russell T Davies' idea to 'kill' off a main character; although originally it was intended that Ianto would die (the Jack/Ianto 'shippers won't like that little revelation...) Later on his discusses other acting roles, with have included the likes of "Bleak House" and "Fred Clause", and his desire to return to the stage.

4: Behind the scenes - how Owen's underwater sequence in "A Day in the Death" was realised for the screen.

5: Set visit - filming "Something Borrowed".

6: Richard Briers (Parker) - following his guest appearence in "A Day in the Death", Briers talks about his Torchwood experiences (" can be hard to always play someone who's dying.") as well as some of his other recent - and not so recent - acting roles.

7: Comic strip - the Toshiko centric "Jetsam" by Brian Williamson.

8: Jonathan Fox Bassett - the director talks about the making of his first Torchwood episode, "From Out of the Rain".

9: Transformation - Rob Mayor from Millennium FX reveals the make-up process that went into Martha Jones' aging in "Dead Man Walking".

10: Where's your head at? - this month Dark Talk host, Abigail Crowe!

11: Production notes - Chris Chibnall runs through the eight stages of writing a Torchwood script.

12: Also... - mini interviews with Matt Jones, Eve Myles, Kai Owen, Colette Brown, Nerys Hughes, Andy Goddard and costume designer Ray Holman.

13: Next issue - a 100 page special! There's interviews with Naoko Mori and Kai Owen; a comprehensive second series episode guide; Richard Stokes reviews the series; on the set of both "Adrift" and "Fragments" as well as a behind the scenes look of series finale, "Exit Wounds".

14: Adverts - "Heroes Magazine"; "Supernatural Magazine"; "CSI: New York Magazine" - only three Titan magazine adverts this month!! All the other previews are either a) related to Torchwood/Torchwood Magazine, or b) have good reason to be inside a sci-fi/fantasy based publication. Result!

Things we learnt this issue...

+ Originally the Ghost Maker ("From Out of the Rain") was to remove his victim's shadows - but Russell T Davies removed this element because he thought it'd look unconvincing on screen. Instead, victims had their last breaths taken from them.

+ Eve Myles and Nerys Hughes performed together in a comedy pilot five(ish) years ago.

+ Kai Owen is engaged. When he does indeed get married he hopes "I won't have to go at my mam with a chainsaw!"

+ After viewing the rushes for "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" writer Chris Chibnall knew that James Marsters was so good he had to return for the finale!

A few teases from the episode previews:

Adrift - "In many ways, it's probably our most adult story to date, because it's about emotions you don't necessarily feel until you become a parent, when you become utterly, utterly protective towards your own children." Chris Chibnall

Fragments - "We know [Jack] was brought back to life after he was extirminated by the Daleks, and we know that he used his wrist strap to travel to Earth in 1869. But I wanted to look at the day-to-day aspects of how he actually got by on Earth during that time. It's more than a century until we see him again, so what was he doing, exactly, for all those years?" Chris Chibnall

Exit Wounds - "We know from the end of episode one that [Captain John] has found Gray, somehow, somewhere. And that news is obviously going to feed into this story." Chris Chibnall

Torchwood: The Official Magazine issue 3 is out now, priced £3.75.

The 100-page Issue 4 is released April 17th (presumably costing £4.99)

You can read the magazine's official Facebook group here.
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