Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Preview: Episode One

What's it called?

"Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"

Who's it credited to?

Chris Chibnall, writer ("Day One", "End of Days") and Ashley Way, director ("Captain Jack Harkness")

What do we know?

Captain Jack Harkness returns to Cardiff, and his Torchwood team, just in time to help them tackle an alien Blowfish. Then the team have to deal with Captain John Hart, an old friend of Jack's, who's in town to collect some bounty. But things go wrong, and John goes on a rampage.

Major guest stars?

James Marsters ("Buffy", "Smallville") plays John Hart. Tom Price returns as "PC Andy" - a role he played three times last series. Oh, and Kai Owen - though surely he's a regular cast member by now?!

Reviewing the reviews

Most have been pretty positive, actually. They compare the show to series one, and write that there's been a vast improvement. And, apparently, it's funnier too - so we should all be in for a treat!

When's it on?

Tonight, on BBC Two at 9pm. It's repeated at 11:30pm over on BBC Three, and then next Wednesday (in a family friendly edit) on BBC Two, from 7pm.

What about America?

"Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" is scheduled to air on BBC America on Saturday 26th January from 9pm. Then you can catch it in High Definition, on HD-Net, from February 11th.

Look to the future...

Next week's episode is called "Sleeper" and features alien invaders trying to conquer planet Earth by stealth. Then, in "To the Last Man" Toshiko meets her ideal man - but he's more Austin Powers than your traditional metrosexual.

Excitement level?

**** - the team are back; what more do you want?
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