Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who Wants Seconds...?

Today's the day. After a year of waiting, it's here! Torchwood season two!! (Or, if you're a none conformist Brit, "series" two!) Yep, for the next thirteen weeks - or thereabouts - we've got plenty to look forward to. Like, for instance, James Marsters. Or Martha Jones. Or lots of other surprises that BBC Wales have up their sleeves. Hands up; who can't take the excitement anymore?

Eve Myles and Naoko Mori both turned up on BBC Breakfast this morning to discuss this new run of episodes, and we saw another couple of sneaky preview shots from episode one. After lunch, at 12:30pm, Eve headed on over to Loose Women to continue her PR tour there, and she chatted some more (though, don't ask me what about, I haven't a clue! Wasn't watching! Daytime telly isn't my thing; will some helpful reader fill in the blanks and tell us what she said, in the comments section below?)

There's plenty of mentions of tonight's episode in all the major newspaper TV columns - including the tabloids, and the freebies too. The Metro, basically, says that series one was 'rubbish', but tonight's series two opener is a 'little better', for example. Talk about setting them up and knocking them down!

Also, next week's Radio Times has picked epiosde two, "Sleeper", as one of the week's highlights. "The shock dial has been given a hefty twist for this gory tale of alien invasion by stealth," writes the reviewer Mark Braxton, "The story wants to be meaningful but slaps down on the side of schlock, so what begins as an intense and claustrophobic mystery ends with violent pandemonium." He does, however, praise actress Nikki Amuka-Bird, who plays suspect Beth.

In the Radio Times cast list, for some reason, they've listed [SPOILER, HIGHLIGHT TO REVEAL!] James Marsters as Captain John Hart, and Paul Kasey as the Blowfish [END OF SPOILER] so, unless they know something we don't, I'd say that there's a possible typo on the Radio Times' behalf...

The edited version of "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" airs on BBC Two, Wednesday 23rd January at 7pm. It's followed by a 10 minute edition of Torchwood Declassified.

"Sleeper" is repeated, in edited form, again on BBC Two, Thursday 24th January at 7pm. It's followed by the second installment of Torchwood Declassified.
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