Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Preview: Episode Six

What's it called?


Who's it credited to?

JC Wilsher, writer (The Bill, Daziel and Pascoe) and Ashley Way, director ("End of Days", "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang")

What do we know?

Martha Jones joins Torchwood for a three episode arc! Here, she's brought in by Jack to investigate a series of mysterious deaths, that all link back to a drugs testing clinic...

Major guest stars?

How about this for a line-up - Freema Agyeman as "Martha Jones", and Ugly Betty's Alan Dale playing the sinister Copley.

Reviewing the reviews

Excellent! There's a feeling that Martha Jones fits in much better with the Torchwood team than she ever did with the Doctor and his TARDIS. And landing Alan Dale as a guest star is a major coup - and there's a hint of a very shocking twist in the tale...

When's it on?

Tonight, BBC Two @ 9pm. It'll show tomorrow (again on BBC Two) from 7pm.

What about America?

"Reset" should air on BBC America Saturday 1st March, at 9pm. The BBC America schedule can be found here. You can also catch the episode in High Definition - on HD-Net - March 17th.

Look to the future...

Next week there's a chance to see a "Dead Man Walking", as the team attempt to come to terms with recent events... And then, in "A Day in the Death", Owen Harper seeks absolution; but is it too late to help him?

Excitement level?

***** - This is it; the episode we've all been waiting for, ever since it was first announced last year that Martha Jones would be joining the team. Hopefully they'll be some nice, juicy conversation between her and Boe... sorry, Jack. And from what I hear, her arrival sets up a brilliant, epic three part story arc. Bring it on!

BBC Three preview

BBC Three previews the next episode - "Dead Man Walking" - straight after this one. You can read a preview of that episode by clicking here.
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