Monday, February 04, 2008

Comic Strip Action!

Since our last update on Friday episode two of Torchwood's second series ("Sleeper") has aired on American television screens. The episode was written by writer James Moran, and you can catch his day to day blog by clicking here. If that wasn't enough you can discuss "Sleeper" with other fans by accessing the Doctor Who Forum (registration required).

Meanwhile there's an in-depth look at Titan Magazine's new Torchwood comic here. The article reveals that the first story, "The Legacy of Torchwood One" will 'run over a thirteen part arc'. It mentions forthcoming writers and artists, and makes for a very interesting read. Torchwood: The Official Magazine issue 1 is out now, priced £3.75.

The magazine's Facebook group is accessable here (and on that note, you can join's own Facebook group - dot/TV - by clicking here)

Finally, the next issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out this week, and features an interview with Freema Agyeman. Although the majority of it will cover her time on Doctor Who (and her return during season four...) she may also spill a few beans regarding her time on Torchwood...

Martha Jones turns up in episode six, "Reset". And boy; wait to you see what happens next...
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