Monday, February 04, 2008

King of the Weevils

Those naughty folks over at America's HD-Net network updated the Torchwood segment of their website recently... and posted synopsis for the rest of Torchwood's second series. The information has since been removed, but thanks to one thoughtful Doctor Who Forum poster (admiratio) the information is still available, if you know where to look.


Episode Four, "Meat"

Rhys discovers the truth about Torchwood and becomes part of the team as they investigate a mysterious alien meat supply. With Rhys in increasing danger Gwen is under pressure like never before. Will Rhys go too far? Will Jack ask too much of him? And can Torchwood save the alien from being used as cheap meat?

Episode Five, "Adam"

An alien with the power to change memories infiltrates Torchwood. Can the team save themselves before it's too late? With Captain Jack caught up in memories of his lost family, and Gwen struggling to remember Rhys, it takes Jack's love of Ianto to reveal the truth. But there's always a price to pay.

Episode Six, "Reset"

Captain Jack calls in Martha Jones to investigate mysterious deaths. When the trail leads to a sinister medical testing centre Martha must go undercover. But have Torchwood underestimated how far the testing centre will go to find medical breakthroughs? How safe is any of Torchwood?

Episode Seven, "Dead Man Walking"

Deep in shock, the Torchwood team has to face their darkest hour. However, in an effort to put things right, Captain Jack Harkness unleashes a primal force that uses Torchwood as a conduit to wreck havoc across Earth, aided by the Weevils and their newly-appointed King.

Episode Eight, "A Day In The Death"

A victim of his newfound circumstances, Owen Harper believes he needs absolution. Will the lonely girl on the rooftop help him, or will it be a mission to the retrieve an alien device that is proving more lethal by the second? And how far will Toshiko go to help him?

Episode Nine, "Something Borrowed"

The night before her wedding, Gwen is juggling work with her hen night, when an alien shapeshifter leaves her carrying more than she bargained for. As everyone gathers for the ceremony, Jack must destroy her big day, unless one of the three mothers present finds a means to stop him.

Episode Ten, "From Out Of The Rain"

The website has no information for this particular adventure, but we already know that PJ Hammond's script involves people moving in and out of black and white photographs.

Episode Eleven, "Adrift"

When a local teenager disappears Gwen is drawn into an investigation that reveals a darker side of Torchwood. Hundreds of people have disappeared without trace, but why is Jack obstructing attempts to find them? The answer seems to lie in the rift. Literally, and as Gwen follows the trail, she makes a shocking discovery.

Episode Twelve, "Fragments"

Again, no information, but this is set to flashback and reveal how the members of team Torchwood came to band together.

Episode Thirteen, "Exit Wounds"

No specific information, but Captain John Hart (James Marsters) is back - and brings answers about the whole "Grey" mystery with him...


Highlight to reveal...

During the events of "Reset" Owen Harper effectively 'dies' and transforms into a Weevil hybrid. Owen is the aforementioned "Weevil King" and appears as such throughout episodes six, seven and eight - but after that, who knows? Will he transform back into 'human' Owen, or leave the series entirely...?

All that excitement; I think I just wet myself.
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