Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Torchwood creator Russell T Davies has been talking to Doctor Who Magazine about the possibility of a Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover - and DigitalSpy is reporting what he has to say here. Basically, if the right story comes along then team Torchwood could very well leap on over to the parent show, but don't expect to see the Doctor in Torchwood any time soon. Or ever...

Talking of crossovers, Freema Agyeman chats to the Radio Times' latest issue regarding her three episode stint as Martha Jones, as the star heads to Torchwood. "Martha Jones is very much more suited to Torchwood," Freema says, "She wants to keep her feet on the ground, have her nearest and dearest within arm's reach. [She] has all this information, so she's invaluable to both Torchwood and UNIT."

What about Martha's return to Doctor Who later this year? Freema continues, "I knew from about January of last year what Martha's whole journey was going to be. And I was never in any doubt that the decision for her to not be there full-time was very much a character decision. Because where do you go after you've saved the world and confessed your love to the Doctor, who hasn't returned the feelings? She encounters the Doctor again, but it's in a more professional capacity."

The Radio Times is out now, priced £1.

Finally, SFX Magazine issue number 167 has a profile interview with actor Gareth David-Lloyd, who plays tea boy Ianto Jones. Topics discussed are GDL's cult following online, that damn Cyberwoman and a few hints as to what we can expect from season two...

You can pick up SFX's March issue, priced £3.75, in shops now.
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