Tuesday, March 11, 2008

He'll Do Anything

John Barrowman's all singing, all dancing talent show, "I'll Do Anything" begins this Saturday 15th March, on BBC One from 7.30pm. The show seeks to find three youngsters to play the lead role of Oliver Twist in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Oliver! stageshow. They're also looking for an Amy Winehouse type to play Nancy. Barrowman is a judge on the show, alongside Lloyd Webber, Denise Van Outen and Barry Humphries. Graham Norton hosts.

Click here for more on the show.

The Radio Times, meanwhile, previews episode 10 of Torchwood's second series, "From Out of the Rain". Reviewer Mark Braxton says, "Writer Peter J Hammond is no stranger to esoteric chills, having scared (and puzzled) viewers in such genre gems as Sapphire and Steel and Ace of Wands. But this textured, atmospheric yarn at least answers its own questions and has a Doctor Who vibe that may appeal to a wider audience than usual."

For clarity's sake, here's when Torchwood will be airing (first run episodes only) on British TV for the remainder of series two:

12th March - BBC Two "Something Borrowed"; BBC Three "From Out of the Rain"
19th March - BBC Two "From Out of the Rain"; BBC Three "Adrift"
21st March - BBC Two "Adrift"; BBC Three "Fragments"
28th March - BBC Two "Fragments" & "Exit Wounds"

Elsewhere, and I was lucky enough to attend the Collectmania convention in Manchester over the weekend. Kai Owen was there, and indicated that the proposed third season of Torchwood will begin filming in August (much later than usual) and that its format will be a little different to what we're used to.

This adds weight to the rumour that a number of Torchwood members might not make it past this second series...

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