Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Preview: Episode Nine

What's it called?

"Something Borrowed"

Who's it credited to?

Phil Ford, writer (CBBC's "The Sarah Jane Adventures") and Ashley Way, director ("Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", "Reset")

What do we know?

It's Gwen Cooper's wedding day - only the bride to be has been impregnated by a shape shifting alien! Wonder how Rhys will react..?

Major guest stars?

The fantastic Kai Owen is again at the centre of the action as Rhys, as Nerys Hughes appears playing the role of "Brenda" - who may or may not be all that she seems...

Rest of the best

Sharon Morgan ("Mary"), William Thomas ("Geraint"), Robin Griffith ("Barry"), Collette Brown ("Carrie"), Danielle Henry ("Megan"), Ceri Ann Gregory ("Trina"), Jonathan Lewis Owen ("Banana Boat"), Morgan Hopkins ("Mervyn") and Valerie Murray (as "the Registrar").

Reviewing the reviews

The Radio Times calls it a very (successful) light hearted episode, and claims it's the sort of stuff that Torchwood does best. DigitalSpy hints that it's a corker of an episode, as does one Doctor Who Forum poster, who claims to have seen the episode weeks in adavnce...

When's it on?

It airs on BBC Two tonight from 9pm. It's repeated tomorrow from 7pm, also on BBC Two.

What about America?

"Something Borrowed" is scheduled to air on BBC America Saturday 22nd March, at 9pm. The BBC America schedule can be found here. You can also catch the episode in glorious High Definition - on HD-Net - April 7th.

Look to the future...

Next week we emerge "From Out of the Rain" and watching old movies won't ever be the same again. Who says films can't come alive while you watch them...? Then, in "Adrift" Gwen and PC Andy team together to investigate mysterious disappearences...

Excitement level?

*** - Described as a 'farce' by Russell T Davies, the episode could potential OD on the comedy elements. RTD has even gone on record to say that the 'ming-mongs' (us fans) will hate the episode. Hopefully it won't be as bad as last year's ninth episode, "Random Shoes".

BBC Three Preview

BBC Three previews the next episode - "From Out of the Rain" - straight after this one. You can read a preview of that episode by clicking here.
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