Saturday, April 05, 2008

What Happens Next...?

Although no third season of Torchwood has been officially confirmed by the BBC, it's looking increasingly likely that we'll get another year of Weevil-busting antics - but in what form, we don't quite know... A full thirteen part series, with new recruits joining the team? Maybe. A cut-down five part 'event television' run, like the Daily Star suggests? Maybe. Something else entirely? Maybe!

Come on BBC - confirm the damn thing already, and give us some clues!

In the meantime we have a special adio episode to look foward. It'll be written by writer Joseph Lidster, who scripted "A Day in the Death", and will backdrop the particle accelerator at the CERN physics laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. It was recorded by the cast back in March, and will be aired as part of a series of programme examining CERN later this summer.

Torchwood: The Official Magazine continues to be released monthly, with exclusive news and interviews and comic strip action! The current issue is on sale now and features an in-depth chat with Burn Gorman, aka Owen Harper. Issue four will be out April 17th.

Another set of three Torchwood novels will be out before the end of the year - though no details are currently known about them! They'll probably be set mid-way through the second series, and you can expect them in shops this coming Autumn.

Script editor Gary Russell has written a new behind the scenes account of the show, in a book - "The Torchwood Archives". Released on October 2nd, it reveals a few of the show's secrets - including case files, character notes, and lots else besides! You can be one of the first to pre-order the book, here!

Another guide to the series, "Something in the Darkness", will be released by Telos sometime in August. It's a companion piece to last year's terrific "Inside the Hub". You can pre-order it here.

Meanwhile, away from book-land, the series two DVD boxset will be released on June 30th - and for a short (?) time only you can pre-order it on for only £14.99! Result!

Don't forget that a series of Torchwood trading cards launches later this month - Torchwood in every newsagents! Let's hope that stray kids don't accidentally pick up the 'Jack shagging Ianto' card from the "Adrift" episode, huh ;)

Finally -! Hooray! We'll continue to publish the latest Torchwood related news, in the build up to a potential third season, and, and... well, that would be telling! Tomorrow we're launching the second Awards - your chance to spill the beans, and tell it how it is: What did you think of Torchwood's second series?

Join us for the ride - it'll be a rollercoaster!
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