Friday, April 04, 2008

Preview: Episode Thirteen

What's it called?

"Exit Wounds"

Who's it credited to?

Chris Chibnall, writer ("Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", "Fragments") and Ashley Way, director ("End of Days", "Reset")

What do we know?

Captain John Hart is back - and he's brought somebody with him! It's time for revenge, amid some very uncomfortable rumours, and not everybody will live to tell the tale...

Major guest stars?

Kai Owen plays "Rhys", James Marsters is "Captain John Hart" and Lachlan Nieboer appears as Jack's brother, "Gray".

Rest of the best

Paul Marc Davis ("Cowled Leader"), Golda Rosheuvel ("Dr. Angela Connolly"), Syreeta Kumar ("Nira Docherty"), Cornelius Macarthy ("Charles Gaskell") and Paul Kasey ("Weevils").

Surprise me, spoiler boy

The episode ends with team Torchwood (whoever survives...) sat looking out over Cardiff Bay.

Reviewing the reviews

Fantastic! A real rollercoaster ride according to sources like DigitalSpy, the Radio Times and members of the Doctor Who Forum who's seen previews of the episode.

When's it on?

Tonight on BBC Two, from 9pm. It's repeated next Tuesday, at 7 o'clock.

What about America?

"Exit Wounds" airs on BBC America Saturday 19th April @ 9pm. The BBC America schedule can be found here. The episode will also be available in glorious High Definition - on HD-Net - from May 5th.

Look to the future...

A special radio episode airs on BBC Radio 4 sometime over the next couple of months. Then, if you really wanna know [HIGHLIGHT] Captain Jack Harkness returns to the world of 'Doctor Who' for the fourth series finale, "Journey's End", in June. Torchwood is *expected* to return for a new series of adventures in 2009.

Excitement level?

****1/2 - I loved Marsters' first appearence as Hart earlier on in the series run - he brings a lot of fun, and humour to the show. Aside from this... this is where it's all been leading. Gray! Owen's deadalive! John Hart! Owen & Tosh! Jack & Ianto! Last year's finale "End of Days" wasn't great, but surely this'll go a long way to redeem things.

And that's all folks! Series two is done and dusted; but it's been fun, yeah?

Till next year...
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