Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Some credence to an insider...

OK... A few weeks ago this blog was abuzz with the rumors posted by "BBCINSIDER." He/she said the following: "It seems that cos of JBs hectic schedule - Torchwood has finished for now in its present state. What will be filmed however, and later than normal, are 5 stand alone episodes. AND THEN THAT WILL BE IT !!!"

Here is a bonafide article from
TVGUIDE that confirms SOME of the insider's comments:
They say: 'Fans, however, may not be so happy with the mere five hours slated for next season. "We've decided to do a five-part mini-series, one big story that will run during one week,' says Gardner, adding, "I wanted to make a really big noise about the show."So far, the BBC has only green lit these five hours, but there could be more, we're told. "

So this we can confirm, as of now the 5 episodes are legit... As for it being the end, I am not so sure... neither is TVGUIDE, but I would want to avoid speculation at this point... We'll have to wait and see. So for now, to respond to the many queries, we know that some of the comments are true, and confirmed.

For the full TVGUIDE article click here.
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