Monday, June 02, 2008

Still Going Strong...

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (number 396, out now priced £3.99) Russell T Davies confirms in his "Production Notes" column that scripts are coming in from a number of different writers for Torchwood's third season. The production team are working on the series, which is still unofficially confirmed, with filming set to start later this summer.

It seems we'll be in for a number of changes - format, cast & crew, approach to story telling - but the lovely Mr. Davies won't spill the beans on any of these changes just yet... He has confirmed in the "Production Notes" column that a new Producer for the show has been appointed, in the absence of Richard Stokes.

Meanwhile the Blu-Ray (and HD-DVD) release of Torchwood's first season is now 30th June. When the release was first announced, a number of sites reported June 2nd or 16th as a possible launch date. Well... they were wrong!!

The complete second series DVD boxset is also out on the 30th and, sadly, doesn't contain any commentaries whatsoever. Apparently there just wasn't enough time (or money) to produce them for the boxset. Shame.

Special features for the release do include, however, outakes; deleted scenes; Torchwood Declassified; and, not to mention, a 20 minute featurette on the many deaths of Captain Jack Harkness.

More news when we have it!

(Oh, and I've collected the results of the Reader's Season Awards in - and we have a clear winner! Who? Find out when I post the results later on this week, amigos!)
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