Monday, June 23, 2008

Turn Left, You Say?

Anybody who saw the latest episode of Doctor Who ("Turn Left") on Saturday night will be aware that team Torchwood were referenced during Donna Noble's nightmare alternate reality. During the Sontaran invasion (seen in "The Sontaran Stratgem" and "The Poison Sky") both Ianto Jones and Gwen Cooper were killed in battle - with Captain Jack teleported to the distant planet Sontar; home of the Sontarans! Of course, we know this didn't really happen; such is the beauty of alternate reality episodes!!

The next time trailer [SPOILER!] includes clips of Jack, Gwen and Ianto inside of the Hub, as the Daleks invade the planet. Several sources on online forums indicate that Davros has ordered his Dalek army to destroy all of Earth's alien investigators - with Torchwood top of that lift! The killing machines may also be looking for something hidden inside Torchwood's vaults, or want use of Cardiff's rift.

The next time trailer, and a new 30 second preview, is planted here. Be warned though; both clips are only available to view within the UK. Boo!

Sarah Jane Smith and her son Luke Smith also feature in next week's episode.

The Doctor; Donna; Rose; Martha; Jack; Gwen; Ianto; Sarah-Jane; Luke; Mr. Smith.

The Children of Time are assembling - are you ready?!

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