Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Return of the Pied Piper

In anticipation of Billie Piper's return as Rose Tyler in this Saturday's episode of Doctor Who (it's called "Turn Left" and features very little of David Tennant) the latest issue of the Radio Times TV listings magazine over here in Britain looks at three of "the Doctor's women" - interviewing Piper herself, Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) and Catherine Tate (Donna Noble).

There's also an interview with executive producer Russell T Davies, who reveals...


...That Captain Jack and Martha Jones return during the course of episode twelve, "The Stolen Earth". He also indicates that we'll be seeing the rest of the Torchwood team (I'm guessing that means Ianto and Gwen) in action, too.


It's also been confirmed that former Torchwood guest star Julian Bleach (the Ghostmaker, "From Out of the Rain") will be appearing, under heavy make-up, as Davros - creator of the Daleks!

You can catch some spoiler-tastic images from the fourth series finale here, via the Sun's website.

Meanwhile, DigitalSpy has a preview of Rose's return in "Turn Left" here.

Oh, and there's a Captain Jack comic strip published on the BBCi Doctor Who page. Written by script editor Brian Minchin Escape To Penhaxico "takes place after the events of last year's [Doctor Who] Christmas special, Voyage Of The Damned, and features a case of mistaken identity for Captain Jack."

It's available to read here!
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