Saturday, July 26, 2008

In the Confusion (I Just Lost My Mind)

I'm now utterly and completely confuzzled regarding the future of Torchwood, and specifically, the big question - the one that most fans of the 'Wood want to know the answer too: Mickey Smith and Martha Jones, are they or are they not joing team Torchwood from next season?!

You see [DOCTOR WHO FINALE SPOILERS!!] the conclusion of "Journey's End" would seem to indicate that the dynamic duo are returning to Cardiff with Captain Jack to join his motley crew - but Doctor Who and Torchwood have quite a reputation for disjointed crossovers. Just look at the cliffhanger for "End of Days", and how it came to be resolved months later in "Utopia". Oops!

This report seems to indicate that now Freema Agyeman has signed on to appear in Chris Chibnall and Richard Stokes' London adaptation of the Law & Order franchise she'll no longer be sought after by BBC chiefs to appear in 'Wood, or whatever. If you ask me, that story = bull. If indeed Martha was destined to join the Cardiff Rockerfellas, BBC Wales would have planned far ahead in advance to ensure that would happen, and wouldn't let ITV's silly police drama remake stand in their way!!

My personal opinion? BBC Wales flirted with the idea of having Martha and Mickey join the team, but with Noel Clarke's blooming film career and (to put it as politely as I can) Martha having become a little bland and devoid of any real character of late, those intentions have flown right out of the window. There's reports of two new characters joining the team - actors playing parts we haven't seen before. You know what I say to that? Good.

Torchwood needs fresh blood and new faces if it's to survive, and prove to audiences that it can stand apart from Doctor Who and play to its own strengths. After all I'm in no doubt that once Steven Moffat's era of 'Who begins, a fine line will be drawn between the spin-off and its parent show. After all, it is ultimately a callback to the Russell T Davies 'golden age' - and if Moffat is to succeed, like Torchwood, he'll need to look to the future, not to a dogged past.
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