Friday, July 25, 2008

Three's Company

Confession time: I've been out of the Torchwood news loop the last couple of weeks. You know how it is - summertime comes, and all you wanna do is hang outside in the blistering sun. What happens then, when you're out of the loop, is things usually catch up with you and bite you on the ass. Like the latest issue of Torchwood Magazine - which, despite it being out a full week, I only just got...

And it's got news! About season three! Oh, indeedy!

The magazine confirms that Torchwood's third year will consist of five one hour episodes, to be broadcast over one week (presumably Monday through to Friday) sometime in Spring 2009.

The new series producer is a chap called Peter Bennett, who previously worked as a First Assistant Director on both 'Wood and Doctor Who. All five episodes will be directed by one individual - Euros Lyn, who's directed many-a Doctor Who episodes, including Steven Moffat's genius "The Girl in the Fireplace".

Writers for the series are:

EP 1: Russell T Davies
EP 2: John Fay
EP 3: James Moran
EP 4: John Fay
EP 5: John Fay

The series (which began pre-production on June 15th) will still be aimed towards a post-watershed audience - although, according to Julie Gardner, there are no sex scenes whatsoever next year!!

One current rumour suggests that [SPOILER - highlight to reveal] the story arc for season three revisits the Sleeper agents from James Moran's "Sleeper" episode, as their stealth invasion begins...

Julie Gardner reveals more about the third season in a short interview with the magazine; but we won't spoil that here! You'll have to go out and catch it for yourselves, from all good newsagents!

Torchwood Mag, issue 7, also features a behind the scenes look at the Torchwood segments of the Doctor Who series four finale. It's available now, from the aforementioned newsagents, priced £3.75.

Also on news stands now is Doctor Who Magazine 398, which interviews John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd (not to mention EVERYBODY ELSE who appeared in the 'Who finale). That magazine, which includes its very own Torchwood cover, is out now at £3.99.
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