Friday, July 11, 2008

Watch Torchwood (Again...)

The fourth season finale of Doctor Who (which featured Captain Jack, and his Torchwood team) drew an amazing 9.4 million viewers over here in the UK. The episode ended [SPOILER!] with Captain Jack returning to Torchwood - seemingly with Martha Jones and Mickey Smith in tow. There's been a long standing rumour that the two characters - former companions of the good Doctor - will be joining the Torchwood team for the third series.

Another rumour suggests they won't, and that the production team are looking to replace the fallen Tosh and Owen with brand new characters.

So what do you know? We know nothing at all!!

In other news, Character Options have released the first in a new wave of repackaged Doctor Who toys. They include Captain Jack Harkness, dressed in overcoat and equiped with his faithful revolver. The box states that this is series one Jack - but don't let it fool you!! It's the Jack we saw in the series three finale. And hooray! The face has been remoulded. It actually looks like John Barrowman now... and fangirls, the figure is quite flexible ;)

A new channel launches in October, here in the UK. 'Watch' replaces UK Gold +1, and will show repeats of 'modern programming' including the likes of Torchwood, Lark Rise to - Bloody Boring - Candleford and Mistresses.

There's more on the new channel here (courtesy of DigitalSpy).

Hopefully we'll have some news on series three sometimes soon...
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