Friday, September 12, 2008

London Road Trip

Filming on Torchwood's shortened third season - titled "Children of Earth" - continues in Cardiff, before moving to London later in the year, according to the news section of the latest Torchwood Magazine. Inside issue 9 we're told that, despite being only 5 episodes long, the arc will form the most expensive story ever attempted by the team at Upper Boat studios.

Torchwood has never filmed outside of Wales before - although several Doctor Who episodes ("Rose", "Aliens of London", "The Shakespeare Code") have had footage shot in London; although most of the time, Cardiff is 'dressed' to have the appearence of the English capital.

Says Russell T Davies, "As the title suggests, Children of Earth will see the Torchwood team face a crisis of global proportions, so it makes perfect sense that Torchwood should be crossing national borders. But the story is still rooted firmly in Cardiff, and the team will always call it home." It's been suggested one possibly reason for filming in London rather than merely set dressing Cardiff is [POSSIBLE SPOILERS! HIGHLIGHT TO REVEAL] accomodate both Freema Agyeman and Noel Clarke for block two - episodes 4/5 - as they're busy in the city recording other material, like Law & Order: London.

In other news John Barrowman has announced plans for another album, to be released November 24th. Called "Music Music Music" it'll feature covers of well known musical theatre tracks, as well as some country/western too - and straightforaward pop! So, if you've ever wanted John to 'do' Bette Midler or Dusty Springfield, then this is for you. Think I'll give it a miss personally... Kinda have a thing against musical covers!

Also, plans are afoot for some sort of Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover appeal for this year's Children in Need - although no details have been leaked as of yet. It could be anything from another ruddy musical concert (John Barrowman doing Bette Midler, anybody?! No, seriously, he can sing, honest! Act and dance and run the egg and spoon race too!) to a short scene specially recorded for the night, a la last year's 5th/10th Doctor Who minisode, "Time Crash".

More news on the development as it comes in.

The rest of the new issue is pretty straightforward, by the numbers stuff. There's a look behind the scenes of Wednesday's radio episode "Lost Souls", a look at the team's S.U.V, an interview with make-up designer Marie Doris, new adventures through original fiction and the latest part of the comic strip - not to mention the start of a brand new feature. More below...

Yep, the magazine has decided to go down the route of publishing a series guide - plotting each episode in detail, and probing all the behind the scenes gossip. This month, "Everything Changes" - and I'd like to say I learnt something, or that it read like one of Andrew Pixley's genius Doctor Who Magazine archives. Alas, on both counts, not. If you've already seen the episode in question, then you won't learn anything new here. It seems like just another way of filling five pages of the magazine, in the six or so months before the new series starts and the publication has anything new to report!

Come on Torchwood Magazine, you can do better than this! Aside from the original fiction and news section, you seriously need to pull your finger out of your ass! Honestly, this is getting embarrassing now. You could be *so* much better.

Torchwood: The Official Magazine issue 9 is out now priced £3.99.
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