Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The End is Nigh!

Time for me to stand om my soapbox again...

If you haven't already heard, David Tennant announced what has been the subject of conjecture for some time; he is going to be leaving the TARDIS after the next season. (If you hadn't heard, don't fret, I linked the article to the title of this posting.)

While you may be wondering why I make mention of the good Doctor's exploits on a Torchwood blog, it is in my humble opinion that without David Tennant's portryal of the good Galifreyan, we might not have ever had Torchwood to begin with.

Whether or not you find yourself a Whovian or not, we all must agree that Torchwood was introduced as a plot element of Doctor Who, specifically David Tennant's incarnation. If David hadn't made his Doctor so vibarant, so human, we wouldn't have cared. And for David's contributions, all fans of Torchwood need to be thankful.

History has shown us a myriad of science fiction contributions that are all flash, but no substance. In fact, some have argued as much of the original series of Doctor Who. But David made his Doctor transcend British television to become a staple of mainstream television and popular culture all over the world, a feat that even the great Tom Baker was not able to achieve. For years to come, when people think of Doctor Who, many will rightfully think of David Tennant. While I understand why the decision was made, it is hard to accept nonetheless.

In closing, I leave an open personal note to David. You've made some of the most enjoyable and compelling Science Fiction, and we look forward to your final five hours. For many of us long time fans, you've justified our love of the series, and helped endear many new fans in the process. So I thank you.

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