Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The 1,2,3 The 456

This month edition of Torchwood: The Official Magazine is a much improved effort after the last couple month's worth of reads. It offers another update on the filming of "Children of Earth", specifically revealling the rather vague name of a new alien race featured throughout it - the '456' (pronounced "Four-Five-Six"). Russell T Davies named the race publicly at last month's Cheltenham Literary Festival, which he attended with John Barrowman.

Question... the 456 - good guys, or ultimate evil?


Meanwhile there's more casting details, as Nick Briggs (voice of many alien races - including the Daleks and Cybermen - in NuWho) makes his first appearence in front of the cameras, playing an unspecified role. Nicholas Farrell also appears as Brian Green (who "plays a pivotal role throughout all five episodes."), Katy Wix as Rhiannon, Rhodri Lewis as Johnny, Ian Gelder as Mr. Dekker, Charles Abomeli as Colonel Oduya and Hilary Maclean as Anna.

Other cast members announced include: Scott Bailey, Melanie Barker, Crisian Emanuel, Patrice Ettienne, Rachel Ferjani, Phylip Harries, Ashley Hunt, Christopher James and Anna Lawson.

During the last month, the Torchwood production team - and cast - have shot a number of scenes in central London. They've now returned to Cardiff for the dying days of production.

There's news on Chris Moyles tour of the Upper Boat sets - including Torchwood's Hub - that occurred on the 26th of September. Apparently video footage of the event can be found here. Rather you than me; I've never been the biggest fan of Moyles myself!

Elsewhere two stars of the "Children of Earth" adventure are interviewed on set of the latest serial - Eve Myles, and newcomer Liz May Brice (her of "Bad Girls" fame, who stars here as Johnson - a 'cynical government agent detirmined to expose Torchwood!'). There's an interview with Gareth Thomas - who played Ed Morgan in "Ghost Machine" - and a revealling article about that very same episode.

New fiction includes part eight of the "Rift War!" comic strip, and the first installment of a new fiction piece - "The Book of Jahi".

You can pick up the magazine (which gets two thumbs up from me) from news stands now, priced £3.99. Things are looking up for the publication, which is a joy to see.

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