Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Looky Looky What I Got...

Managed to find copies of the latest three Torchwood novels in Bolton Waterstones today, and with the store's 3 For 2 offer still going strong, I bought all three books (normally £6.99 each) for a very respectable £13.98 - still, if one travels to Tesco the books are currently selling for £4 each, with a grand total of £12 therefore for the set!

The books are "Pack Animals" by Peter Anghelides, "Skypoint" by Phil Ford and "Almost Perfect" by James Goss (the latter being set after the events of both series two, and Joseph Lidster's Radio 4 play "Lost Souls")

Peter Anghelides previously wrote "Another Life" - which readers of this site voted the best Torchwood novel of 2007.

Phil Ford is the Head Writer of CBBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures (see Sarah-Jane.tv), writing episodes such as "Eye of the Gorgon" and "Day of the Clown". He also scripted Torchwood second series episode "Something Borrowed".

James Goss worked with Joseph Lidster to create online content for BBCi's Torchwood website, during the first season run.

You can pick up all the novels now, priced £6.99.

Elsewhere, and the first wave of Torchwood action figures (Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, a Weevil and Lisa/the half converted Cyberwoman) are hitting UK stores right now.

These are available from places such as Forbidden Planet and Play.com today, with an RRP of £8.99. They are fully compatable with Character Option's massive range of Doctor Who and SJA toys (i.e. they're the same size!)

Also available now - a 2009 Torchwood calander!

Spend those pennies folks; Christmas is a-coming!

*Quick casting update that we forgot to report a fortnight ago (oops!) "Children of Earth" will feature actors John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David Lloyd, Tom Price and Kai Owen, with guest stars Lucy Cohu (playing 'Alice'), Susan Brown (as 'Bridget Spears'), Cush Jumbo ('Lois Habiba'), Rik Makarem ('Doctor Rupesh Patanjali') as well as already announced Peter Capaldi ('John Frobisher'), Paul Copley ('Clem') and Liz May Brice (playing 'Johnson')

The casting news comes from issue 10 of Torchwood: The Official Magazine.
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