Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pen-blwydd 2008

36 Months. 156 Weeks. 1096 Days.

Sorry this is a little late* (work and study commitments, of course) but I couldn't let the opportunity pass without saying happy third birthday to this very site. Three years ago, hours after the BBC officially announced their commission of a brand new Doctor Who spin-off series - Torchwood, a 21st century mix of cult classics like The X Files and This Life; or so we were told at the time - a regular blogger 'Kurly' launched this,, the internet's very first Torchwood fansite.

Three years on, we're still going strong.

Since our launch we've seen two televisual seasons, three audio adventures, an offical magazine, numerous tie-in novels, action figures, calenders, etc. In short, the origin of a brand new franchise, that stands proud of its Doctor Who heritage, but most definitely seperate from it.

We've been hear to report all the latest happenings since that October 2005 announcement - all of us here on the team; myself ('jackharkness' aka Anthony Garnon), Peter Pan (Paul Robinson), Tremas (Rob Hoitt), Springmaus (Lauren Williams) and - of course - the one man who started it all, Kurly (Aaron Nosecondname). Thanks team, each and every one of you fantastic folk, without whom.

And thanks to you, the readers - the people that come back every day, or the occassional visitor, or even first timers. We write for you, because fandom is such an amazing collective to be part of. We love hearing what you have to say - so don't ever stop writing those comments, be it the good, the bad, or the usual complaints!

To; or more specifically, to the show and the people that follow it.

This is for you.

Thank you.

Until October 2009 comes our way...

*Not meaning to confuse anybody, but this was written October 21st - it was backdated so that the post could corrolate with previous anniversary posts. No worries!
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