Friday, October 03, 2008

Thank You Mr. Postman

Around eleven o'clock this morning there was a knock at the door, and as quick as I could, I went to answer it - not realising that at the time I was a) covered in shaving foam, from the half completed shave I was having at the time, and b) half naked, in preperation for the bath I was about to have. So imagine the poor postman's face when he saw me; not knowing where exactly he should look! As quick as he could, he handled the parcel over - an item from, surprisingly addressed to me (okay, okay, lots of items from are addressed to me...)

Opening it up, I found my copy of BBC Book's "The Torchwood Archives" - a fictional book written from the P.O.V of somebody (a reporter) living within the Torchwood/Doctor Who universe. The guy, who's name is Warren Martyn, pieces together info from every source he can to create a complete timeline of the Torchwood organisation - from Queen Victoria, to Yvonne Hartmen, and finally across the border to Captain Jack in Wales.

Martyn then looks back at all 26 first and second season adventures, as well as last month's audio episode "Lost Souls". Along the way he fills us in on details we might not have caught on television - like the fact that Jack made the decision not to freeze Tosh's body in the Hub. Instead she was giving her own funeral, which was attended to by her surviving team mates, her parents, and one Miss Martha Jones.

It's an interesting read, and encyclopedic in its coverage (it's ghost written by Gary Russell; what do you expect?!) I think I'd recommend it to only the dedicated of Woodies, however - because there's just not enough new material here to attract the attention of new readers, who'd probably just be lost and baffled by it all anyways!

But if you want another Torchwood fix between now and next February, then there's worse reads out there. It's still pretty fun, giving us a few more scraps of previously unknown information regarding Jack Harkness. Not much, but it's a start.

The book stands at 160 pages, with an RRP of £14.99. It's officially released in bookstores across the UK from next week.
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