Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Business as Usual

It's strange writing this, knowing that my incredible journey here on the site is coming to an end. I'll tell you what it's like; that period at school where you're a month or so away from exams, and officially your lessons have ended. All you've got left to do is a last round of revision, and then you'll be saying goodbye for good. So, the last lap of my time here; should we begin?

This upcoming March 11th is not only John Barrowman's 42nd birthday, oh no! It's also the day that Torchwood airs for the very first time on German television. Yep, after almost two and a half years waiting, Germany's television audience are about to get their first glimpse of the Torchwood team in action! (Let's exclude DVDs that might have been bought, and Torchwood's cameo appearence in Doctor Who's finale!). The show airs on the RTL 2 channel, from 10:05PM on the 11th, and you can catch a trailer advertising the dubbed series here.

Meanwhile you can catch videos of Euros Lyn and Eve Myles' New York Comic Con 2009 appearence here and here. Thanks to Mirnell for uploading!!

Alba17 has a report on events at their website - including pictures of the panel. Look behind Eve and Euros and you'll catch the official cast photograph of the Children of Earth series (unseen until this point, I believe). You can catch the article at Alba17's livejournal.

If either Mirnell or Alba17 are reading this; get in touch guys! As you'll probably know I'm looking for a team of writers to head up the site once I've zamooshkad, and I'd be honoured to have either one of you aboard.

Okay, I'm off to watch a combo of State of Play and Party Animals, and yes that does label me as a political thriller geek. Till next time!
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