Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We are coming...

Still reeling from the announcement of the departure of my esteemed colleague Jackharkness, I longed for something to contribute to fill the apparent void here on the Torchwood.TV blog. But alas, as the resident Yank, I tend to be one of the last ones in the loop.

So, imagine my surprise when I received an email from BBC America stating, “Calling all Torchwood fans! Ask and you shall receive.” This might just be the answer to my prayers… Upon clicking the link, I was brought to the new BBCA Torchwood page which warmed me, “We are coming.”

Featuring interviews with Eve Myles and director Euros Lyn, the new Torchwood site also features highlights from the New York Comicon. In fact the recent redesign of the BBCA Torchwood site has a lot to offer, save one major fact: When. Yes, I know there are several bogs who have speculated on this magical date, but since the Beeb in its finite wisdom has not seen fit to publish an official date, it would be inappropriate to report on it. But, I think I can assuage my anxiousness for now... I see that episode 2 of Top Gear is airing, which brings the boys back to America… (By the way, I should point out that contrary to all the rumours, I am not in fact the Stig. But I suspect he could be a fellow Timelord…)

Until Later, Cheers!



Anonymous said...

TG is my life blood. SO glad BBCA is finally catching up! :D

Graham said...

I thought we all knew it was coming. I thought the question we were all asking was "When is the darned thing going to start?" So when I saw "Ask and you shall receive," I of course thought I was going to find the announcement of the date. Drat!

If I have to hear my UK-based little brother telling me "It's really good - you'll love it" one more time....

In this day and age, with dissolving borders and all that, why can't we have simultaneous release?

And while we're at it...that BBC IPlayer...grrrr

Anonymous said...

They rarely release dates for bigger shows here in the UK till 3-4 weeks before broadcast. It's to stop other networks scheduling their shows against it to ensure decent ratings.