Friday, February 20, 2009

Exit stage left

Kurly here,
As Anthony officially packed it in recently and this is now a transition time for Torchwood.TV I figured now is as good a time as any to officially give the goodbye I never gave. I never wrote this before because I didn't want to be negative about the show on a site read by Woodies who love the show and probably get enough hazing about it from their friends.

Briefly, I started this page because I liked blogging, and I liked Doctor Who. Series One of the revival had just aired and the announcement of the spinoff Torchwood provided a nice little untouched niche online where I could stake a claim and maybe have some fun writing about my favorite show indirectly. Well within a few months the page started doing better than my expectations, mostly thanks to a high listing in Google and also because a few disgruntled insiders decided to feed us some news during production of the first series.

A year later when Torchwood finally aired, I just simply didn't care much for the show. John Barrowman was great, I liked the existential themes about the afterlife, but overall the stories and the rest of the characters did little for me. As much as I had put into it by that point, and with 8000 daily readers visiting at the time I didn't want to jump off just yet. I figured I would stay positive and maybe Series Two would be better, but I think I knew right then that I was the wrong voice to represent Woodie fandom. You can't have somebody who doesn't like a show in charge of the fan club.

So you probably have figured out that Series Two of Torchwood didn't bring me back into the fold. In fact there are a few episodes from last year I still haven't got around to watching. Also I was pretty down on Doctor Who in general at the time because of the horrendously bad finale of Series 3 in which a shrunken Gollum Doctor is brought back to life by people's prayers. (Not to worry RTD, I have almost forgotten about it following your great Series 4.)

So this post is really just to say thanks to those readers who have been with us for these few years and to wish well whoever the true Woodie is out there who wants to take this site in it's new direction. The Torchwood.TV domain name is for sale for any hardcore fan out there who is interested. (Contact: kurly(at)

I really did have a great time writing this blog in the early days, and it was great to be in communication with and meet some of the big names involved with the show. Thanks also to Anthony who picked up the torch here and made a wiser decision than myself by also starting the premier Sarah Jane Adventures site. (Sorry but from my point of view a much better WHO spinoff.)

That's more than enough from me. Long live Torchwood.TV! See you around.
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