Monday, February 23, 2009

Chibnall & Stokes UK

It's been a long time coming, but at last the Law & Order spin-off series headed by writer Chris Chibnall and producer Richard Stokes (both of whom helmed Torchwood until the end of its second season) has finally hit British television screens. Law & OrderUK airs on ITV1 every Monday for the next thirteen weeks - and is executive produced by original US creator Dick Wolf.

Bradley Walsh (he of Coronation Street and, yes, Wheel of Fortune fame - and also a serial in last year's Sarah Jane Adventures run) stars as DS Ronnie Brooks - a "real East End copper's copper" who's sharp with his laconic wit and moral standings.

His foil/sidekick is Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber, who stars as DS Matt Devlin. To make up the third and final officer within the "law" side of things, there's Harriet Walter playing DI Natalie Chandler.

Freema Agyeman - former Martha Jones - appears as young Barrister Alesha Philips, in a role specifically written by Chibnall with Agyeman in mind. Some say her decision to take the role proved to be her downfall with regards to future Torchwood appearences...

To prepare for the role, Agyeman apparently sat in on real life court cases, and talked to her sister, who also holds a law degree.

Bill Paterson (Sea of Souls) acts alongside Agyeman as Chief Prosecutor, and head of London's Crown Prosecution Service, and making up the third and final part of the "order" team is Ben Daniels, as James Steel.

Episode one concerns the investigation into the death of a baby, who has been dumped outside of a hospital inside a sports bag.

That's Law & OrderUK, ITV1 @ 9PM.

(Though you probably knew that already, considering how well the show has been promoted online, on our television screens and across billboards everywhere)


Meanwhile the man who killed Owen Harper (well, the first time anyways...) Alan Dale continues to pop up every now and then on Lost, as Charles Widmore - who we're fast learning has a vital connection to the island and its mysteries. He'll also appear this week as the head zombie killer in ITV's Moving Wallpaper/Renaissance double.
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