Sunday, March 29, 2009

Marathon Man

At the recent the Hub 2 convention Kai Owen revealed that he will be running this year's London Marathon, and he's looking to YOU for support. His aim is to raise at least £2000 for his chosen charity, CLIC Sargent (the Cancer & Leukemia In Children charity).

As Kai himself explains, "... As you may know I am running the London marathon on the 26th April this year. It's for a wonderful charity called CLIC Sargent, they care for children living with cancer. It's a charity that's very close to my heart, my beautiful cousin Michaela has undergone 9 operations to remove tumours from her brain. She is an absolute superstar and is so brave and inspirational, I love Michaela and with the help of CLIC Sargent Michaela continues to live a wonderful life with her wonderful family. CLIC is an amazing charity and I hope to raise a nice sum of money to help them continue their phenomenal work."

You can donate via this page. The marathon takes place Sunday 26th April.

Best of luck to Kai during this training!


During his March '09 online Q&A session, Gareth David-Lloyd confirms that he records the latest Torchwood audio book - "The Sin Eaters" by series script editor Brian Minchin - on Monday 31st March. This will be followed at a later date when he joins the rest of the cast for three follow-up dramas to last year's "Lost Souls".

(Incidentally GDL also talks about HBO's incredible tour de force The Wire, which starts tomorrow night - for the benefit of British readers - on BBC Two at 11:20pm. Don't miss it if you haven't already seen the show)


Spooky! Victorian ghost on Google Earth's UK street map..?

Somebody call in the Torchwood team!!

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