Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Kids on the Block II

Continuing from where I left off last time, here's the second raft of writers to join the new and improved TORCHWOOD.tv's writing staff.

Enough from me - over to you!

Aimee Jones (blogging alias, "pebbles") - "My name's Aimee I'm a huge Torchwood and Doctor Who fan, although i enjoy Torchwood more mainly because i have been watching it since the beginning. I am currently in my first year at uni in Swansea studying international relations. I have followed the site for as long as i can remember, found it one day while googling torchwood and have never looked back lol! I enjoy keeping up todate with all thinks torchwood and would like to help in doing that for others now."

Jennifer Spence (blogging alias, "load-of-tosh") - Hey everyone! I'm Jenn, aka that blogger Anthony called out for being MIA in last week's introductory post. Hopefully I'm not too late to the party, and now that I've got all my lame real life stuff out of the way, I'm eager to jump into the crazy world of my fellow Torchwood enthusiasts! A bit about myself: I'm a 19 (almost 20! almost!) university student from Ontario, Canada. I'm kind of a huge sci-fi geek, and my love for everything Who-niverse introduced me to Torchwood. I was hooked by the very first episode, and fell hard for the show. I'm sure all of you know the feelings I'm talking about! Canada is home to some diehard Who fans, and Ontario in particular hosts some of the country's best sci-fi conventions. If anything Torchwood-related happens there, you'll be the first to know. In sum: I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you, and maintaining Torchwood.TV's reputation for great coverage and community!"

Catie Kagawa (blogging alias, "Estel") - "My name is Catie, though I am often known as "Estel". I was directed to you by Salina (of your new writers). I'm very, very interested in writing for the Torchwood.TV blog.Some general information about me. I'm 21, in college for Theater at UC Berkeley in California. I've been into Torchwood from the word 'go', quite literally. I have my research skills (about history, production, characters, fandom, whatever), my performance studies theory (which I write about frequently due to it being part of my major), and my tireless obsession to bring to the writing team, if you want it. Whatever you need to know, I'm an open book."

Shabbs (blogging alias, "tribeHeaven") - "Hallo! I'm Shabbs. I ought to tell you a bit about myself, just in case you're curious... Well, I was approached by Anthony to design a new look for the Torchwood.TV blog after he saw my work on the (now defunct) site www.ilovewood.org so I went for it. I have a fansite for a TV series called The Tribe: www.tribeHeaven.co.uk which I've been running for several years, it is through that site I began to try and test my designskills. Anyhows, I love Sci-Fi shows - but you may hate me for this, I am not a fan of Doctor Who. I did watch the first series when it was rebooted and I have since caught the odd episode. I like Doctor Who, I just don't love it, but I am thankful for it introducing me to Torchwood and Jack Harkness. My other sci-fi loves are Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes and, uhm, you may hate me even more for this, I love Primeval. Hehheh, before I'm given the boot now, I'd just like like to say I hope you like the current look of TORCHWOOD.tv (and also the one I have done for SARAH-JANE.tv). Do let me know what you think. Sorry for the rambling! I could go on... Till next time."

Joining them is Rebecca J Slominsky (blogging alias, "BeccaJaneStClair").

Have a blast writing for the site, guys.

(There's still time to join the team! We still need another three or four writers, so if you're willing, let me know by contacting me on this email address)
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