Monday, March 16, 2009

New Radio Drama Series and Audiobooks are now listing three new Torchwood Audiobooks for presale, all with seperate release dates in July, August and September. They would appear to be part of a "Torchwood: Radio 4 Drama 2009" series, which means we will most likely be hearing these on the radio before they are actually released in shops.

What is sure to cause mass speculation amongst Torchwood fans is the current cast listing the site gives:

"A Brand new, made-for-radio episode of Torchwood, starring John Barrowman, Freema Agyeman and other members of the TV cast (all details TBC)".

While it looks like we'll be seeing (Or indeed hearing) the delightful Martha Jones in these new audiobooks, is this a hint towards Agyeman being added to the Torchwood cast in the show's future TV escapdes? Or is it just a guest stint for the audiodramas? Or is it actually a simple matter of being lazy and copy/pasting the cast list from the "Lost Souls" special Torchwood did in conjunction with BBC's coverage of the CERN experiment last year?

Only time will tell.....
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