Friday, March 13, 2009

The Twits

You might have to bear with me a sec here, folks. I'm still reeling from seeing old fave Dr. Doug Ross (Mister George of Clooney, would you believe?) back on NBC's E.R. after an absence of, what, nine-ish years. On top of that I had a double geek-gasm, because not only have I learnt a close friend is engaged in an on/off relationship with a certain Colin Baker's daughter, but the Red Dwarf revival suddenly seems so very real. Good times.



Doctor Who Magazine's resident reporter Benjamin Cook has been updating via his Twitter page, teasing us mere ordinary folk with the news that he's seen the first episode of the "Children of Earth" adventure. Jammy sod.

He confirms that a cast & crew screening happened in Cardiff, Wednesday evening.

What does Mr. Cook reckon, then?

In his own words, "Ep 1 is literally AMAZING. Best. Cliffhanger. EVER!"

(For those of you not familiar with the Twitter concept, where've you been? Click here to learn more about the service, which even Barack Obama uses!)

Now, if only your favourite fansite launched its own Twitter page - and actually found the time to keep it up to date! - wouldn't that be smashing?


Don't forget! It's Comic Relief tonight, and you can catch a special mini-episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, starring Ronnie Corbett. Get those wallets and purses out, and donate generously!!

(As an added incentive, I was at the recording of Harry Hill's TV Burp last week and not only saw last week's episode being made, but the Comic Relief special also. It contains a hilarious piss take of John Barrowman, and his love for chasing naked men!!)

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