Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Kids on the Block

The time has come at last to unveil the new team of writers that'll be spearheading into the future. If you didn't already know (where've you been, I'm been mouthing off about it all month...) I'm leaving the site soon, and save shutting the doors on this corner of Torchwood fandom for good I offered readers the chance to join the team, and keep the flame burning.

Below are your new team of writers. I'll let them introduce themselves in their own words, and say a little about why they're writing here.

Over to you!

Salina Conlan (blogging alias, "Salina") - "Hey all. I've been following this site for ages and just didn't have the heart to see it go away. I'm in the US and I've been a severe Torchwood fan since Cyberwoman first aired (in the UK). I'll most likely be reposting or pointing you at official updates, press releases, etc. as well as convention news and reports and maybe a surprise interview now and again. Personally, I'm a big geeky fan; I have some Ianto costumes, write fanfic, and I'm part of the "Torchwood 3" costuming(/writing) group, which you probably have never heard of, but I promise we nerd it up together all the time in true Torchwood fashion. I only ask that you, please, don't send spoilers my way! I'm doing my best to avoid them. :-) Cheers!"

Dave Dunne (blogging alias, "Dave Dunne") - "This is so awesome. Name is Dave, 21 and living in Ireland. Been a Torchwood fan since the airing of the second series which was my first exposure to the world of Doctor Who, and I've been obsessed with it ever since. The drama, the action, the characters, the....slightly dodgy scripts, granted, but still. I'm delighted to get the chance to work on this site, and I really want to make it even bigger than what it is already. On a personal note, I'm doing an MA in English (Empire, Culture and PostColonial Studies to be specific....) and I also love wrestling. Can't wait to get dug in and I hope you're all happy with what we do with the site in the upcoming times. :)"

Sidney Lewis (blogging alias, "DigitalSid") - "My name's Sidney, I'm 19 and I'm from Cardiff, the city where Doctor Who and it's spin-offs are made. I'm a big fan of Torchwood, and I decided to apply for this role to help Torchwood TV to continue to provide the great level of service it has since it launched."

Also part of the new look site will be the very lovely Shabbs, who designed this revamped blog template, and (when she gets back in touch with me!) Jenny Spence, who seems ever so passionate about all things 'Wood.

They join current team members Tremas, who has been writing on these pages since 2007, Springmaus and my fellow scribe Peter-Pan.

Three cheers for the new team! Best of luck to them.

(There's still time to join the team! We still need another three or four writers, so if you're willing, let me know by contacting me on this email address)
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