Wednesday, April 22, 2009

15 of the Best

Hmmm. I'm sure I posted this story yesterday, but according to Blogger it was only ever saved as a draft entry. Thing is, the entry was in my "blogs I follow" stream last time I looked. The mystery deepens...


Issue 15 of Torchwood - the Official Magazine is out now, and it's a blinder! Honest to God, it's improved ten fold over the last couple of issues. There's still some room for improvement beyond this, but for now it'll do quite nicely.


It's the last issue before Children of Earth launches mid-June, so there's a number of articles to tie-in with the new series, including an interview with John Barrowman that I'll be reporting upon in further detail later this week (if all goes to plan). Then there's an exclusive preview of the five new shows by Russell T Davies, as he comments upon five new photographs released from the show to its official magazine. He states:

Episode One - a picture of Jack and Gwen with a parent, and her child: "Torchwood: Children of Earth begins with every parent's worst nightmare: what if something happened to the kids? Luckily Jack and Gwen are quickly on the case."

Episode Two - a picture of Ianto in a hard hat and builder's get-up: "Who's this rugged fellow in a hard hat and hi-vis jacket? Is it the Health and Safety Village People? No! It's Ianto Jones sporting a rather nasty gash on his cheek, and far from the comforts of good coffee and master tailoring. Curiouser and curiouser..."

Episode Three - shows Rhys in a smart dinner jacket: "Now things are really getting weird! First Ianto is looking like a docker, and now Rhys is all dressed up with no place to go! As his wife puts everything on the line to save the world again, is it time for him to enter the frontline with the rest of the Torchwood team? Some things are always worth fighting for..."

Episode Four - Jack and Ianto, guns blazing, on Floor 13: "Red alert! As Children of Earth moves towards its jaw-dropping climax, Jack and Ianto face off against an unseen opponent in the mysterious Floor 13. As the international situation escalates, UNIT is also on the scene - but will the military taskforce help or hinder Torchwood in their mission?"

Episode Five - Gwen rescuing a child: "The future of the entire human race is in the balence, and the situation is spiralling out of control. Everything depends on the children, but with Torchwood battered and bruised, can Gwen still make a difference, and will it be enough to save the day?"

There's an exclusive set report, taken from last November's filming (so it's likely from the final two episodes) and an interview with Rik Makarem, who plays Doctor Rupesh Patanjali in the specials.

Also in the magazine is a look at the monsters and aliens that the team has faced over the course of the last two seasons, and during its numerous spin-offs; a familiar face (SPOILER!) Bilis Manger returns in part one of a new five-part comic strip, "Broken" by creative team Gary Russell (writer) and Adrian Salmon (artist); and there's a peak at series one adventure "Greeks Bearing Gifts" which includes an interview with guest star Daniela Denby-Ashe.

Other features include a talk with the show's sound mixer, an investigation into whether the show's Pterodactyl could really exist, and a fan inquisition with Eve Myles.

Oh, and for some bizarre reason an index of the first 13 issues of the magazine, just in case you might have missed them...

And lots of adverts for other Titan products - but thankfully this time a good chunk of them are in some way related to the show. Hooray!

More from the magazine and some exclusive news it spills throughout the week. You can pick up the real thing yourself from all good newsagents, for £4.99.

Lets hope they keep up the trend next issue, huh?
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