Thursday, April 23, 2009

Golden Age!

We've known for a while now that three brand new Torchwood audio dramas were coming our way, that'd be in the same vein as last year's "Lost Souls". Now Torchwood - the Official Magazine has revealed exclusive details about the forthcoming episodes - which includes story titles, and who's writing them.

The story of a troubled teen runaway called Freda, who is brought to the attention of Torchwood by PC Andy (played by Tom Price).

"A story with a twist" according to producer Kate McAll, 'Golden Age' is set in present day India and features a character called the Duchess.

"A series of mysterious phone calls lead Jack into danger, and result in 'a very emotional moment for Ianto'. Listen out for familiar voices! (One possibility is that David Tennant guest stars as one of the callers, using his natural Scottish accent, but that's speculation on my behalf.)

The episodes are all 45 minutes long and will air as part of Radio 4's Afternoon Play slot from 2:15pm (it's likely they'll air all in the same week, in June). It's stated that they're set after "Lost Souls" and before "Children of Earth" - which airs a week or so after the radio series concludes.

(Sorry about the "Children of Time" typo!)

They'll be available through iPlayer and as a podcast. After that, expect a CD release of all three stories some point later in the year.

Meanwhile, two more Torchwood audio books are arriving pretty soon. "In the Shadows" is out on May 7th, and features a script by Joseph Lidster ("A Day in the Death") and will be read by none other than Eve Myles. On June 4th that's followed by another adventure, "The Sin Eaters" written by script editor Brian Minchin and likely to be read by Gareth David-Lloyd.


Completing this round of merchandise updating, it's now confirmed that Torchwood's second series will be released on the Blu Ray platform on June 22nd.

News direct from Torchwood - the Official Magazine issue 15, out now!
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