Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is Torchwood Getting A Check-Up?

Another entry for our unsubstantiated rumour department: Some fans are claiming to have recently seen the Torchwood cast filming scenes for the 2009 Doctor Who specials.

No definitive set reports or photographs have surfaced as of yet, so this possible "spoiler" should be taken with more than a grain of salt.

A starting point for these claims may have been last Saturday's "Jonathan Ross Show" on BBC Radio 2. As jackharkness posted last week, David Tennant and Catherine Tate filled in as hosts for the program, with John Barrowman as their special guest. The three actors obviously enjoyed their time together, and at one point made reference to a discussion they had been having "the other day".

Could this be a clue that we may soon see the Hub dwellers getting a check-up from the Doctor? Or was that innocent remark only more grist for the rumour mill?

EDIT: After a little more dirt-digging... yup, this is entirely false. In the words of the Tenth Doctor, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Guess I lived up to my username after all?
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