Saturday, April 11, 2009

A little bit of everything!

Congratulations to Kai Owen and his fiance Sarah! According to Kai’s yahoo group, the couple are expecting a baby this coming October. Kai is obviously thrilled and said he’s "over the moon and looking forward to being a Daddy!!!" Good news such as this certainly inclines fans to send cards and presents, and one of the best presents you can give to Kai is a donation on his Just Giving page.

Gareth David-Lloyd has been announced for some upcoming conventions. On May 3rd, Gareth is going to be at Vortex, the one-day Doctor Who/Sarah Jane Adventures/Torchwood convention in Belfast. Check it out. It sounds like great fun for the kids!

On the U.S. convention front, Gareth has joined the growing Torchsong line up for this coming June. He’ll be alongside John Barrowman, Kai Owen, Tom Price, and others.

For American fans looking for the convention experience on more of a budget, I have the official scoop that Gareth will be at Hurricane Who in Orlando, Florida this October.

Aside from conventions, Gareth is going to be in the short film, "A Very British Cover Up." “In this comedy short film Welsh Drag queen Rhiannon gets caught in the middle of a right royal scandal” The project is Directed by Ian Smith (BBC - Short form producer/director: Doctor Who, Ashes to Ashes, Mistresses, Merlin, Sarah Jane Adventures) and was co-written by Smith and Nina Barnfather. Production is set for early May. For more information, please visit

Finally, there is an interview with Carole Barrowman over at the BBC America Torchwood website about the selkie comic she wrote with John. You can also check out John’s very own BBC America page and see what he has coming up on U.S. screens.

Happy Easter!
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