Friday, April 10, 2009

John Hart: Time Agent - the Series?!

Internet site 411mania interviews James Marsters, to promote the release of the Dragonball Evolution picture released in cinemas across the US and UK today. During the course of his talk, Marsters discusses how much fun he found the Torchwood filming experience - and it's all thanks to one man. Yep, the great John Barrowman (of course):

"We had more fun doing Torchwood than we could even show you. John Barrowman is just fabulous and he will not let you be tired, he won't let anyone not care. The harder it gets, the more tired you get, the more this man just goes off. I'll follow him anywhere because I know the job is to have fun."

James confirms that he isn't a part of Children of Earth, but is willing to return to play John Hart in the future - possibly in a spin-off series!!

Says the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel star, "That is something I would love to talk about. I hadn't been on anything as subversive as Torchwood since Buffy. Subversive in the best sense, in the sense that there are lies we are told from childhood that don't really serve us well, lies like "you can buy happiness" or that certain people are cooler than others, and artists, especially subversive ones like myself, we try to rip these lies down all the time. I was so blessed to be on Buffy because it was a deeply subversive show and Torchwood equally so."

Finally, some kind words towards former co-star Andy Hallett, who portrayed the fabulous Lorne on Angel. He passed away earlier this month, rather tragically aged just 33.

"Andy was always so kind and so funny, and always being that way so while in so much pain. His eyes did not do well with the contacts he had to wear to play Lorne at all. When he was filming it was very painful for him. It's easy to be nice when everything is comfortable but you really find out what someone is made of when it's tough, and it was tough for him everyday and yet there was never a day without him being totally gracious, cracking jokes as he's wiping the tears from his eyes. He was a real gentleman, very funny, and I will miss him greatly."

Those words come courtesy of 411mania. Thanks, guys.

Dragonball Evolution is out now at cinemas everywhere.

Meanwhile, James will be appearing as Buzz Aldrin in Moonshoot, a television that tells the story of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It broadcasts this July stateside, in time for the 40th anniversary celebrations of the actual event.


Ashes to Ashes has a confirmed airdate - hooray! It's back Monday April 20th for eight weeks. If the series goes without a break, it'll end mid-June - so that's the earliest possible date now that Torchwood series three could air (under the presumption that the BBC wouldn't pull A2A for a week to show Torchwood).
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