Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BBC America is Bringing it ALL to Comic Con International

According to News-a-Rama, BBC America is set to bring the biggest names in Doctor Who and Torchwood to San Diego's Comic Con International, July 23-26. With their latest acquisition of first run rights to Doctor Who as well as the release of Torchwood: Children of Earth, BBCA is bringing show creator/recreator Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner, and director Euros Lyn for both Torchwood and Doctor Who's panels.

For Torchwood's panel, they have the irreplaciable John Barrowman and for the Doctor Who panel they have David Tennant, fresh out of filming his final scenes as the Doctor.

The Doctor Who panel is on Sunday at 10AM in Ballroom 20. The Torchwood panel (which is partnered with a small bit of Being Human) is also Sunday at 2:15PM in Room 6BCF.

There will also be a back-to-back showing of Doctor Who's "Planet of the Dead" and the final episode of Torchwood: Children of Earth on Saturday at 7:30-10PM.

BBCA will also feature a part of the Doctor Who set at their booth in the exhibit hall.

Read the original article for more information. Please also keep in mind that Comic Con's schedule can be subject to change, especially since this is pre-released information.


Anonymous said...

It's Euros Lyn

load-of-tosh said...

I am so jealous of everyone who gets to go to this.

DAVID! JOHN! JULIE! EUROS! Oh, and that other guy. ;)

(Also: Being Human is amazing. Glad it's getting some well-deserved attention.)

I expect super-detailed con reports the next day!