Thursday, June 18, 2009

Date FINALLY confirmed!

After weeks of waiting and months of speculation, the BBC would seem to have finally issued us with dates on which the third series of Torchwood will air. Kind of.

According to a press office release this morning on their website, the show has been included in the line up for "Week 27 - July 4th to July 10th". However, all five episodes are still listed as "Unplaced", in terms of exact days or times. Given the fact it will run for 5 straight nights and that it's been understood that it would be broadcast on weeknights, it's a fair guess to presume that this means the show will run Monday 6th to Friday 10th July.

(A bittersweet announcement/prediction for me personally, as I will be leaving for Spain on Friday morning, thus missing the last episode. DAMN YOU BBC!)

The site, as well as giving us some previsional dates, also gives a brief description of all five episodes, (including some minor spoilers if you read down into the fifth episode). This can all be read here!
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