Thursday, July 09, 2009

"The Best 5 Hour Movie EVER!!"

At least that's how one of our readers is describing Torchwood: Children of Earth so far. I guess they're not alone in that opinion, as the ratings for Day Three indicate that the figures have gone back up to the level they were at on Monday, with 5.9 million people watching. That's 300,000 up from the night before, making the programme the 3rd most watched of the night (after the soaps) with an audience share of 27.1% and an amazing audience appreciation of 90/100 - to put that in its place, anything over 85 is considered exceptional.

The BBC HD figures, BBC Three repeats and iPlayer views also remain very strong.

It's astonishing just how well received this mini series has been thus far. People at my work who used to scoff at the mention of Torchwood before have been coming up to me and saying how brilliant they're finding this adventure, and asking when the next series starts. My family are addicted, too. Oh, and for people on the bus or on the street it's watercooler television, as everybody I hear is talking about it.

Torchwood has become must watch television, great stuff.

Honestly, the BBC would be fools not to recommission the drama now, wouldn't they?

Torchwood: Children of Earth - Day Four airs tonight on BBC One from 9pm, and is also showing across in Australia mere hours later, at 8:15pm on UKTV.

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JimmyD said...

Yay! I'm a headline!
It's the simple things that get me through life :)

Ya know... I'd be happy to get one of these 5 part stories every year rather than the 13 ep series. The quality of 'Children of Earth' is just amazing. Some times less IS more.
On the other hand, I'll take what ever 'Torchwood' they want to throw at me!

Kurly said...

If only Torchwood had started out this well then I would have never left the fold. So far so great for COE.

My main issue in the past was that I didn't believe that such a small dysfunctional group of in-fighting amateurs could brew a pot of tea, let alone save the world. In the new series the team is a well-oiled machine and we can proudly say, "It is DEFENDED!"

Yes, there has still been a bit of romantic schmaltz between Jack & Ianto, but you can't have a complete turnaround in just one season.

I don't want to spoil it for anybody who hasn't seen the first few parts yet so I will be vague, everybody has overlooked Torchwood's saddest loss of all. Lets just say I have been crying some tears for Myfanwy.

JimmyD said...

If it had started this well there would have been no room for improvement. Series 1 was good. Series 2 was better. Series 3 is AWESOME!
You're not alone. I was expecting to see the remains of SOMETHING in the ruins of the Hub. A leather wing or something. Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

Not long before you leave us Jack :(

Wish you'd change your mind.

Heartbeatoz said...

Thoroughly enjoying it over here in Australia reminds of the old Doctor Who episodes of my childhood waiting with baited breath to see what happens next. Even my Grumpy old Partner is watching it trying to figure out what the 456 will look like.

JimmyD said...

I think the 456 would look something akin to Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.

Just finished Day 4...

jackharkness said...

Kurly, it's great to hear from you again! Hope you're doing well.

Anonymous, best to leave on a high. And the one thing that CoE has done is renew my interest in th show. Hopefully it'll come back for a 4th series, and I can watch it as a proper, ordinary viewer for the first time. Can't wait!