Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wait... You Haven't Seen It Yet?

Day Four, that is. And the only reason why I haven't been able to watch it thus far is because of pesky work getting in the way. It means, however, that I have to stay off all the usual internet forums I read until I do, and I can't even open the comments box for the previous blog entry on this site, scared that it will reveal that Ianto is really one of the Chuckle Brothers, or another such mammoth twist to end all twists.

Wanna know the worst part? I've actually got the Blu-Ray sat right infront of me now, and if I wanted to I could sit and watch both parts and over indulge. But, get this, I'm too tired - so it'll have to save until I'm alive and/or alert enough to watch it tomorrow afternoon. Geez.

Anyhoo, I hope everybody reading at least had fun watching it. Apparently it had a stonking good cliffhanger, that I refuse to know anything about... *fingers in my ears*

I'm not alone of course, because as I write this the episode has yet to hit Australia, for instance. They have another few hours to wait. Still, that's not as bad as the Americans who still have weeks to go until CoE hits their screens (television, that is - I'm sure it's hit a good few computer screens already...). Even Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly hasn't seen what's in store for episode 4 (or 5 for that matter).

So, after reading all this, I'll sum things up in quite a helpful conclusion for you. I haven't seen the episode in question, but you probably have - and for that, I've had my revenge. You see I've made you sit here and read this blog post of mine, when there's no real point to it whatsoever, other than me confirming that I haven't seen an hour of television.

Guess I get the last laugh after all!

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