Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Britain is Taken!!

The second episode of the five part Children of Earth serial grabbed an average of 5.6 million viewers last night - just 300,000 short of the night before. That's not an all that significant drop in viewers, so I'd say the prospects for a fourth series just got that little bit better...

(That 5.6 million translates to 24% of the available viewing audience... oh, and the show was - for the very first time ever! - the most watched programme of the day. It beat the likes of the soaps, and the Michael Jackson memorial over on BBC 2.)

As for some reactions...

Ed Martin is loving how the series has become 'event' television.

Charlie Jane Anders has some horribly nice things to say about the show.

It's 3 stars out of a possible 5 from DigitalSpy.


Torchwood: Children of Earth - Day Three airs tonight on BBC One, at 9pm. In Australia that same episode airs a mere 15 hours later, at 8:15pm on UKTV.

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load-of-tosh said...

Well, that's 300,000 people who should know better. For shame! But on the bright side, those are great ratings. It's gotta keep the Beeb happy.

And speaking of the Michael Jackson memorial, did anyone else catch Shaheen Jafargholi performing? (He's the kid actor from "Greeks Bearing Gifts", who appeared on "Britain's Got Talent", which I blogged about in this post.)

This article has a video of his appearance at the show, and mentions that MJ himself had requested that Shaheen join him in his upcoming London concerts.