Tuesday, July 07, 2009

John Barrowman's Bum!

Ever since the BBC forced the Doctor Who production team to cut a scene in the 2005 episode "Bad Wolf" which would have featured the sight of Mr John Barrowman's bum, we've been promised that one day Captain Jack Harkness would find another reason to take his clothes off and show us his peach. Well, fanboys and fangirls (who probably spend too much time wishing this sort of thing into existence) tonight your wishes came true!

That episode really kicked things up a gear or two, huh? Personally I'm loving Lois Habiba, played by the very lovely Cush Jumbo (fantastic name, too!!). If she doesn't find her way into the show's regular cast next series, there's no justice in the world. She's beautiful, clever and has ten times more charisma than Freema Agyeman's Martha Jones ever did. I was watching her tonight, and thought to myself - "hang on, she has more character depth in two episodes than Toshiko Sato did after two whole series!" Another sign of the show's growing confidence and maturity.

Anyhoo, enough from me - what did you guys and gals at home think? Did you too love Cush, or was it John's tush that really had you going? Or Ianto's "Here He Comes in a Great Ruddy Tractor?" (Ben Foster fans will know straight away what I'm referring to there..!) Let us know in the comments section below, why don't you?!

Torchwood: Children of Earth - Day Two is available over the next 7 days via iPlayer.

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