Friday, July 17, 2009

John Says Goodbye

Following the transmission of Children of Earth, things have become very quiet with regards to Torchwood news - until today, that is, when a certain John Barrowman popped up on our television screens on This Morning to wish out-going hostess Fern Britton goodbye. John sang a rendition of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" (which opened the show).

Fern is replaced by Holly Willoughby - host of Dancing on Ice, on which John appeared during the show's very first series.


Gareth David-Lloyd talks to DigitalSpy - SPOILERS for Children of Earth if you haven't watched it yet. During it, Gareth confirms he'll be playing Prince Charming in a Cinderella pantomime this coming December through January in Preston.

Finally, Eve Myles recently spoke to Nicole Powers, and it results in a fantastic interview.


kirri said...

We have no way of knowing that Torchwood is starting filminig in 2010 and personally, if they do not bring back Ianto, I and an awful lot of other people will not be interested anyway!
He was the soul of TW and without him to balancce them out my interest is gone. Just how many people really want to watch Gwenwood, apart from RTD???
I do wonder.

dee said...

I agree. Jack was made more human by Ianto. He came back for Ianto and then for his team. Jack was heartless and unfeeling and this can be proven by Ianto pulling Janet out to extract information for a suspect in "Reset" whether than allowing Jack to resort to his darker side and torture the guy.

It is further proven that he care for no one when the lady said we needed someone who did not care to give the kids to the aliens thus making the fact that he could not die a moot point.

Yep a lot of folk will not watch the show if Ianto is not returning and a well established fan base will be lost.

Anonymous said...

Is Torchwood over? I mean everyone is gone but Gwen and Harkness..I will really hate to see it end so soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it is a shame that i finally really got into the show (after watching for awhile) and they killed the best charater. I understand the need for "Drama" but come on, if you kill all the good charaters, why watch? I hate to say that i will no longer watch but i really think it was a mistake to kill Lanto off so that's it for me....

sharlene said...

We here in America who watch Torchwood have loved the show. It is a shocking moment if this is the end. The actors who have played on this show are fantastic, and have made their characters very real and part of our lives. It was hard watching most of them die off, and seeing the parting scene with Gwen and Captain Jack. We hope that BBC will ask them back again, with original cast members and new ones, and maybe even a couple of re-incarnated ones as well.
Children of Earth was a wonder mini-series.
Thank you for a show we couldn't wait to watch each week and for the great stories and entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all comments already stated. I, too, am a loyal American fan who has watched the show from day 1 and was "shocked" when Ianto died. Well, I was shocked when Owen died the first time. Then, Ianto. My fear was that the show was ending with all the main characters slowly dying off. I still love Jack and Gwen and hope a new spin on Torchwood will return....and soon. Hate losing a good show!!
Vicki from Michigan

bess said...

I am also a loyal American fan and have sent an e-letter to the BBC asking them to continue the series. Russell Davies said he's ready to go if they are. Children of Earth was wonderful but so sad. It really makes you understand how horrible eternal life would be -- seeing everyone you love dying of natural or unnatural causes yet having to go on and on. I can't see how Gwen and Capt. Jack can carry a new show, especially if she has a new child. But I really want to see MORE. Maybe they could follow the adventures of Capt. Jack in outer space. This show was much more interesting to me than the eccentric Dr. Who. But I'm not English.
Bess in the Big Apple

Anonymous said...

I'm sad that Owen and Tosh and Ianto have all died, but wasn't that the premise of the show from the beginning? Everyone who works in Torchwood is young, because you end up dead working at Torchwood? I was excited to see some possible new team members in Children of Earth, even though some turned out to be bad guys. I hope they make another season as this has been one of my favorite shows. Along with Doctor Who, but I wish Davide Tennant were staying on as The Doctor. And I'm an American fan as well. Love lots of British TV :)

Anonymous said...

Torchwood is a lovely show.I am really addicted to this show now and can't miss any of the episode.This is the show which actually enforced my heart to download the episodes if i miss any.

IDTardis said...

The thing is I cry my eyes out when Ianto died,and again when Jack decided to kill his grandson. I would not watch the show knowing that Ianto is dead and Jack has no soul, maybe if they do the show without Jack I will try to wacht it but Ican make no promisses... I'm heart broken... bloddy beans!!!!

Watch TorchWood Online said...

Lanto is the most interesting character in the Torchwood TV show.Without him the show is boring,they have to bring him back otherwise the audience will start avoiding this show.

luke mcleod said...

i have watched every episode of every series more than once , and to be honest torchwood wouldnt be torchwood without jack. jack cant die and if he was able 2 die it wuld make it rubbish. if a new series is made , jack and gwen will come back and a new team , torchwood has had jack in it for hundreds of years and he has had all diffrent teams , the one thats with him in the show wouldnt be the first and wont be the last. The new torchwood team might be made up of people with simalar affects on us then the ones who have died. but if u watch doctor who , theirs a rumor that some of his companions are to hel[p in torchwood , like marth jones (as the medic takeing over from owen) and mickey smith taking over for lanto , sarah jane smith might finally get pursued by jack 2 be in his team and that would make 5 and they all know the doctor which is a significant thing. Even though the doctor has changed again they will still need his help one day now if i hope this happens ...... NOW welcome torchwood 6

gg said...