Saturday, August 07, 2010

Torchwood: The New World

This morning, Russel T. Davies and Julie Gardener shared some information about the upcoming series of Torchwood. "Torchwood: The New World" is slated to premiere on the Starz network in the summer of 2011. That new world branches out from Cardiff and into Washington DC and Los Angeles. Davies confirmed that Eve Myles, John Barrowman, and Kai Owen will be returning for the new season. No word as of yet about Gwen's baby or the nature of Jack's return.

Gardner did say that this series would be a reboot ("Children of Earth" was often called a "relaunch" by the production team) in order to welcome new audiences. She didn't expand on what reboot would mean for any returning viewers. It was also mentioned that the 10-episode season would be similar to the "Children of Earth" mini series format. Each episode is supposed to crammed full of action and story and all the episodes are very tightly knit together.

Spoiler TV reports: "The new story will follow a CIA agent (Rex) and analyst (Ester) who tackle an alien-related global issue. Torchwood, having been destroyed and disbanded, is "like a legend now ... it's like something that's ceased to exist and is now spoken of only in whispers." Soon, Rex and Ester are on the run and are seeking out the help of Captain Jack and Gwen."

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Just a few days before this press release, it was announced that John Shiban (X-Files, Supernatural), Jane Espenson (Buffy, Warehouse 13, Caprica), John Fay (Torchwood: Children of Earth days 2, 4) and Doris Egan (Tru Calling, House) would be on the Torchwood writing team. Whatever your feelings about Torchwood may be, there is no denying that this is an impressive line up of writers working on the upcoming season.

Fans have felt very passionate about the future of Torchwood. People have stated many opinions on whether they wanted to stand by the series or not. So, readers, what do you think of this new season so far? Has anyone been swayed by the promise of such a fantastic writing team? Do you prefer the original tone and format over the fast-paced mini-series?
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