Thursday, August 20, 2015


The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (issue 490) has been released. Within its pages a preview of the new Big Finish Torchwood audio series.

Producer James Goss is interviewed, and confirms a number of details:

"All of them are loosely linked, but they take place at various different points in Torchwood's history - like, all of Torchwood's history!"

Looks like we might be revisiting the late 1800s or the 20th Century...

Meanwhile, it's confirmed how the audios will work: "It won't be like an audiobook. There's a lot of dialogue in it, we've got quite a few other characters in it, so it will be Jack interacting with other(s)"

The Magazine confirms that the first release The Conspiracy introduces us to George Wilson, a newsreader turned prominent conspiracy theorist. His thinking behind organisations and global events may turn out to be correct...

Writer David Llewellyn confirms they'll be aliens, of course - the mysterious 'Committee'.

You can find out more when The Conspiracy is released next month, through Big Finish Productions.

DWM#490 is out now priced £4.99 through newsagents, or £3.99 digitally.
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