Sunday, September 20, 2015

Janet's Papa

Those watching Doctor Who's new season opener The Magician's Apprentice got a surprise last night, as a couple of very familiar alien foes made surprise reappearances...

I'm talking about a Weevil and Blowfish, of course. Spotted early on, at the Maldovarium bar, they drank alongside Sycorax, Hath, Ood and many other oddities. can exclusively reveal that the Weevil shown is actually the father of Torchwood captive Janet, and he's named Julian. After Janet was lost through the rift (and thrown back through time) Julian turned to alcohol, and the rest, as they say, is now history.


In more serious news, Big Finish have announced the titles of the final two releases in their initial cycle of Torchwood audio dramas:

Release#5 is Uncanny Valley. It stars John Barrowman as Captain Jack, and is written by David Llewllyn. Big Finish confirm it "sees Jack still on his quest to find out more about the mysterious Committee. What is their involvement in the life of a reclusive billionaire?" There's no indication as to where this play takes place chronologically (aside from the fact it must be set after The Conspiracy from Jack's P.O.V.)

Release#6 (and the final adventure in this "Committee" arc) is called More Than This, and is by Guy Adams. It stars Eve Myles as Gwen on "a very special mission". From previous Big Finish teases, we know that this adventure will also feature other Torchwood stars too. Most likely Jack and Ianto.

For those interested, the company has also put out a full trailer for their new UNIT series, featuring Jemma Redgrave. No doubt it'll crossover with Torchwood at some point...

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