Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Woodies Round-Up: Fall to Earth

External reviews for Big Finish's second Torchwood adventure, Fall to Earth:

Red Rocket Rising ("The story entertains... it does a good job of keeping the balls rolling")
Doctor Who TV ("It's perhaps more successful than The Conspiracy because the latter was realy exposition heavy")
CultBox (Awarded 5/5)
Blogtor Who (Awarded 10/10)
Planet Mondas (Awarded 10/10)
Sci-Fi Pulse ("A dry and witty two hander")
Third Eye Cinema ("David-Lloyd comes off as far less dispassionate and equivocal than John Barrowman did last month"

The post will be updated over the next month or so, as individuals and sites post their opinions.

Meanwhile, tell us what you thought of the adventure in the comments section below.
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